How our industry Perks are changing the face of hospitality

We all know that in hospitality, employees are the backbone of success. However, it is proving more and more challenging to create ways to make staff feel valued and appreciated. At Hospitality Rewards, we think one effective way to demonstrate appreciation is through industry discounts. These discounts not only benefit employees financially, but also convey a message of recognition and respect for their hard work from their employers and from the industry they work in.

That is why we launched our Perks campaign; the mission is to make our industry the most rewarding place to work. Our goal is for our members to be able to walk into as many venues as possible, and receive a Perk, just for working in hospitality.  

We are all about hospitality supporting hospitality, and when employees receive discounts from their own industry, it creates a sense of belonging and pride. Whether it's discounted meals, reduced prices on drinks, or secret industry menus, these Perks show that employers understand and support not only their own employees, but others within the industry.

As well as creating a supportive community, industry discounts can alleviate financial stress for hospitality staff, enhancing their overall well-being. Saving money on expenses can contribute to greater job satisfaction and motivation. It also reinforces the idea that the industry values its employees not just as workers but as individuals with lives outside of work. Also… when staff feel appreciated, retention rates improve, which is another significant challenge in our industry.

On top of all the reasons we’ve stated on why industry Perks are important; we can’t underestimate the power of discounts on footfall! Of course, if staff feel supported and acknowledged by other venues, they are more likely to choose them over other businesses, and recommending them to colleagues, friends, and family, creating mutual support across the whole sector.

In conclusion, industry discounts are a simple yet powerful way to show appreciation for employees and others within our industry. By providing these Perks, hospitality businesses can help hospitality staff financially, including their own team, which in turn, boosts morale and fosters loyalty… all while driving footfall into their venues.

If you run a hospitality business and would like to join the movement to support UK hospitality workers… Click here to give a Perk.

Or...Click here to see which venues have already signed up!

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