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"At Tweakd we specialise in producing high quality complete meal solutions for some of the biggest names in sport. Over the past couple of years we have fed men’s and women’s rugby teams, in both cases in the years they won the premiership (that should give you a clue!). We look after top football teams, have fed F1 drivers and pop stars and are chosen by a number of Olympic athletes to fuel their success. We offer a range of meals that can be bought online and are designed around fuelling goals such as endurance, recovery, muscle gain or getting lean.

That’s what we do. Who we are is probably the same as most of you reading this: we’re a bunch of guys who’ve fought our way up through the hospitality industry and are now serving up meals night and day to pay the bills and to make people happy. Between us we’ve worked in cafés, pubs, bars, fine dining restaurants and pretty much any other version of hospitality there is. We’ve cooked, cleaned, waited tables, made cocktails, scrubbed grease traps and, with the exception of the cocktails and the waiting tables, still do all those things in our production facility.

We know there are a lot of other ‘meal prep’ companies out there (hate that name btw), but we reckon we’re a bit different, mainly because we’re not approaching food from a sports or nutrition perspective, we’re coming at it from a chef and hospitality perspective. We know that the number one rule is that the food has to be delicious, and it has to look amazing, otherwise all that lovely balanced nutrition just doesn’t get eaten.

We also know that all this eating well stuff sounds great, and is probably doable if you’re in a nice cushy 9-5 office job, but if you work on the front line in hospitality it’s almost impossible to achieve. We’ve all fuelled ourselves with the leftover chips, sandwiches eaten behind the wheelie bins and lots and lots of energy drinks. We don’t do that anymore though, because we now realise that’s just a shortcut to burnout and it doesn’t give us what we need. What we need is regular decent meals that give us quality slow-release energy, to keep our bodies and minds in good shape, and that still seems appetising at 1.30am when we’ve just worked an AFD.

That’s what we make here at Tweakd, and each one of our meals is designed to be kept in the freezer and can be ready in 8 minutes if you’ve got a microwave to hand. And they’re not just chicken and rice, or quinoa and broccoli either: we’ve got lovely snacks like our Korean pork Bao buns, or hearty filling dishes like our Jerk chicken with mango and Cajun rice. We’re not exaggerating when we say that learning to eat like this has changed our life, and we’d love to be able to do that for you guys too. So, we’ve set up an exclusive discount for Hospitality Rewards. It’s valid on any of our delicious meals, snacks and juices, and you can use it as many times as you like.

Finally, here’s a little tip from someone who’s worked with some of the top athletes and nutritionists in the world: don’t get too hung up on calories. The amount of calories in a food is worked out by burning it (literally) in a weird little oven. That’s just not the way the human body consumes food. A far better way is to eat a good meal when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, and don’t stress about butter, or meat or fish: just try to eat good real food rather than processed rubbish and avoid the energy drinks. Those things will break you!" 

 - Alex Marsh, CEO of Tweakd Ltd

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